The Beginning- Giesting & Associates was founded in 1971 by William "Bill" Giesting. The office was at home in half of the two car garage. My mother would not allow the other half be used. In reality, we were "half a garage shop operation". Bill was a WWII veteran of the Marine Corps., Gunny Sergeant, Pacific Theater. He spoke little about the war but the shrapnel scars on his face were a constant reminder. The experience of landings, the horror and fear that must of overwhelmed. The responsibility of leading other men onto a beach knowing most would not make it. That is the backbone the company was founded on. Fierce loyalty, adapt to change with no hesitation, strong belief in the goodness of people and never allowing the "people person" he was be compromised. He believed the only reason a door was closed was so you could find your way to open it. He surrounded himself  with passionate sales people so he never questioned if you would open it, but when! A great father and mentor! He lead Giesting & Associates from 1971 until 1996 and worked on the day he died. That was the way he wanted to leave the rep business, really not leaving at all. Just quietly passing the baton in the middle of the night. We at Giesting & Associates work hard everyday to live up to his legacy, embrace his vision and continue to see the goodness in everyone we deal with.